Nassiem Valamanesh Selena Tan Video Art

SELENA BIOGRAPHY Selena Tan's Paco Pictures makes work to suit a variety of viewing formats and spaces. Projects include video installations and award-winning shorts that travel the festival circuit. She studied art history and cinema at the University of Melbourne and has been working on film and television productions, at film festivals and in the book trade. Currently in Melbourne, Selena is from Singapore. SELENA ON VIMEO

NASSIEM BIOGRAPHY Nassiem Valamanesh was born in Adelaide, Australia and studied filmmaking at the Victorian College of the Arts. His work lies between narrative filmmaking and video art and is sustained by bold imagery, soundscapes and a sense of humour mixed with melancholy. A multi-skilled practitioner, he writes, directs, photographs and edits his pieces out of his workspace in Melbourne. NASSIEM ON VIMEO